Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome Back!

"Hello fellow enviro-readers of the Garnet Goes Green blog! We're back and there has been some great changes going on within Union College and out in our world!

Starting off with our home away from home, Union welcomes a familiar face to a vacant position. After interviews with very qualified candidates from all across the country, the committee and the school decided to choose Union's own Meghan Haley-Quigley '11 as our new Sustainability Coordinator. You may remember her as co-president of both U-Sustain and Environmental Club and she will be an integral part of helping Union's already strong green front continue to make a difference in sustainability on campus and in our community. She is really excited to help Union going strong and keep the campus connected. 
Welcome back Meghan!
Now that isn't the only great thing that has happened here at Union. In the spring, one of the biggest events to take place was an event sponsored by Union College Republicans called "Hear the Other Side of 'Global Warming' with Christopher Monckton. This event, which was supposed to be tailored towards those questioning the validity of climate change, ended up drawing in a crowd of strong-minded, intelligent environmental science/geology majors along with all those who care to correct Lord Monckton in his views in one of the most riveting debates to happen that year at Union. Students and professors alike challenged Lord Monckton's view and even held a "rebuttal' meeting afterwards to show their side of climate change through years of research. 
Lord Monckton answering heat opposing opinions on the other side of climate change.
Union's own Donald Rodbell (Geology) questioning the validity of Monckton's information.
Some other great sustainability news on the Union front is the annual Recyclemania contest that occurs nationwide. Union College ranked #1 in two categories: Per Capita Classic and Corrugated Cardboard. Hopefully with these amazing rankings, we can continue to get the campus to push to sweep all four categories for the years to come!" 

Finally, U-Sustain conducted a recycling fundraising that was done in conjunction with the recycling revamp. This resulted in 10 new outdoor metal cans being purchased for the campus. Overall, we raised 2000 dollars and involved the Greek community with the first annual Greeks Go Green sustainability coalition. We hope that this collaboration continues with the Greeks here on campus such that their involvement can diversify those who “go green” @ Union College!

Greeks Go Green Long Sleeved Shirts. Lookin' good!
The Greeks are going green at Union. How about you?
Enjoy the rest of the summer & see you in the fall!