Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome to Recyclemania 2013!


   Union College is approaching its annual Recyclemania!! Recyclemania is a friendly competition among colleges and universities all across the US and Canada working to promote waste reduction!

 In January 2001, Recyclemania began as a challenge between Ohio University and Miami University to motivate students to recycle across campus. Today, over 600 colleges and universities all over the US and Canada participate! Over an 8-week span, registered colleges and universities report their weekly trash and recycling amounts and are ranked in various categories.  

Categories include:
  1.  Grand Champion, 
  2. Per Capita Classic, 
  3. Waste Minimization, 
  4. Gorilla Prize,
  5.  Paper, Cardboard, 
  6. Bottles and Cans, 
  7. Food Service Organics, 
  8. and Electronics

At Union College, our goal is to identify weaknesses in the recycling program and turn them into strengths! The ULTIMATE goal is waste minimization and hold zero waste events! Can U help Union College meet its goal?! Get involved and advertise, educate, and brainstorm ways to get the campus involved! Please email for more information on program and if you have any interest in helping with advertising. 

Sunday, February 3rd is the official start of the 2013 tournament, ending on Saturday, March 30th.  Final results are announced on Friday, April 12th! Union has won FIRST PLACE for two years in a row in two categories (cardboard and per capita classic) and has done very well in other categories. Help Union keep up the winning streak!!!

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