Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From Farm to Table

As autumn begins to set into full swing, I’ve found myself craving fresh apples and cider, two of my personal staples of the season. The emerging foliage and sweet-smelling, crisp fall air inspired me to take a break from the West dining hall food and make a meal of my own. 

So, this past Sunday, a few of my friends and I made the short walk down to the Schenectady greenmarket, which is open every Sunday from 10AM-2PM. The greenmarket, now in almost its fifth year running, offers fresh produce as well as prepared local food and some funky artisan crafts. The walk down only took about five minutes from the Union campus, and by the end of our visit we had our hands full with more fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese and meat than we could possibly eat. (Although, we ended up eating all of it by the end of the day.)

A local band performing at the greenmarket

There’s something to be said about actually meeting the people who harvest the food that we enjoy, and knowing that we are supporting an organic and sustainable way of eating. Almost all of the vendors come from surrounding areas in New York, and the market pays careful attention to how all of the produce and meats are grown and harvested or raised.

Picking out some artisan crackers from Saratoga Crackers

My friends and I bought some delicious homemade pesto (called “Buddhapesto”) and local sheep-milk cheese from Danascara, an artisan cheese vendor. The plan was to make pasta (as well as steak marinated with hot peppers—for the non-vegetarians). The end result was delightful, and made for a nice break from the dining hall—not to mention how fun it was to pick out, cook and enjoy fresh food with friends.

Spaghetti with fresh pesto, grated sheep's milk cheese and local bread 

Feasting in Breazzano

The Schenectady greenmarket is held all year round, and is located downtown around City Hall through October 27th. The greenmarket then moves indoors to Proctor’s Theater until May 5th.

Check out more info on the greenmarket’s website:

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