Friday, November 8, 2013

Octopus' Garden Yields Seasonal Harvest of 1,589 pounds!

As the colder weather sets in and the harvesting season comes to a close, total yields have been counted to sum up the wonderful efforts of our campus' own organic garden.

The top yield of the season were carrots (237.5 lbs) and greens (237 lbs). Potatoes and sweet potatoes were also a large portion of the yield, about 100 lbs each. This is very good news for our garden! Of course, these efforts could not have been made possible without the help and devotion of the Octopus Garden volunteers, both students and faculty.

Thanks to the generosity of the Presidential Green Grant committee, along with Dining Services and an anonymous Alumnus donation, the Octopus' Garden has recently received a good deal of financial support for the upcoming year. We are hopeful that the 2014 season will produce an even more plentiful harvest!

Of course, Octopus' Garden could always use another helping hand. There is still time this season to get involved! Email for more information or to volunteer, or visit the Octopus Garden Facebook page.

Posted by: Sophie Cowley '17

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