Monday, February 11, 2013

Growing Popularity of Farmers Markets Creates Niche Market for Delivery Services!

Do you love local food from the farmers market but you don't have time to get there every week? Well two awesome businesses have decided to solve that problem. Field-goods and FarmieMarket are two businesses that will deliver produce from local farms directly to you!

FarmieMarket is an online farmers market and lists on its website what is in stock to be delivered directly to your home. With a click of a button you can place your order with just a minimum of $25 and a $5 delivery charge. FarmieMarket doesn't just sell your standard produce, you can order much more including peanut butter, body remedies, and even pet treats. Farmiemarket makes deliveries in Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer county!

Check out the website here:

Field-Goods delivers local produce weekly to a designated drop off site that you can select on their website. Here at Union, there is already a designated drop off site at facilities on Fridays. With Field-Goods, you pick the size of the bag you want and it comes filled with produce that is in season along with a list of recipes for how you can cook your delicious produce. You can also request additions of bread, herbs, and cheese in your bag for the week! This method is fun cause you never know exactly what your going to get!

Check out the website here:

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