Monday, February 25, 2013

And The Winner Is…

Last week the Green Fee Committee announced the winning Green Fee proposal for this years round of submissions! Congratulations to Samantha Muratori ’14 & her smart thermostat proposal for Seward/Park/Hull apartments.

What does this mean for Union? Students who live in houses on Seward, Park, or Roger Hull will now be able to control the heating of their apartment from their iPhone or Blackberry from any location that has wifi! Soon Ecobee smart wireless thermostats will be installed in all 60 units of the houses so students can control the heating of the house from any location. Students can now check on the temperature of their houses and turn down the heat over breaks and when they aren’t home! Additionally, facilities will have total control over these thermostats so they can remotely turn them all down over breaks which will save Union time and money! These thermostats are also data collectors which will be used by many future science classes! This  will be a huge energy saver for these houses!   

To congratulate Samantha on her proposal and learn more about this project, join us for lunch in Messa House today, Monday  February 25th during common lunch! 

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  1. Excellent project! Congratulations. Will the smart thermostats have the capability of being programmed with a daily schedule to auto setback during the night and the middle of the day? This would avoid having to remember to change temps each day and night. I like that the house temp can be monitored remotely. I look forward to seeing the savings. (Data exist for at least the past two years for comparisons.)