Monday, March 4, 2013

DIITD Weeks 3, 4 & 5!

Hello everyone! Welcome back and thanks for checking in our Do It In The Dark 2013! We have the results for weeks 3,  4 and 5 for you!

Week 3
For week three, we have the street of Seward dominating the competition, which 201, 217 and 209 Seward taking the top three spots this week! Other apartments like Roger Hull are also in the top 10. Honorary mention to Fox Hall who have jumped from being in the red to the green and the top 5!

Week 4

For week 4, Ozone House maintains their lead, with 712 Roger Hull and Dickens House coming in close in second and third.
Notice how more than half of the buildings are highlighted green. That means more and more buildings are decreasing their consumption per week!

Week 5

For week 5, we have a surprise lead change one of the bigger jumps of the week (similar to Ozone House), with College Park Hall jumping to first place with a 41% decrease in consumption! Amazing! Other big jumpers include Fox and Davidson moving into 2nd and 3rd place! Congrats to those to have chugged through and really decreased their energy consumption. Looks like turning off the lights and shorter showers really helped guys!

Make sure to look out for our final weeks in DIITD and the NY Negawatt Challenge (which we are currently in second place!) Keep up the good work!

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