Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome Back, Union College Students!

It's been a long six weeks, but we're finally back. Snow has blanketed the campus and it's already clear that we're in for a long winter. Classes are beginning and everything is slowly settling back into place, but now that the New Year has begun, let's take this opportunity to commit to living more sustainably in the upcoming year.

Here are a few steps that we can take to make a difference in 2014!

1. Recycle!
There are recycling bins all throughout campus-- in dorms, dining halls, academic buildings-- and they're here for a reason!

Or better yet...

2. Consume less.
This may seem like an obvious, though somewhat daunting task, but even the little things (like swapping out those awful plastic bottles for reusable ones) can help! Try applying this to all areas of your life-- set timers during your showers, turn out the lights, walk or bike to town instead of driving, etc.

3. Consider becoming a weekday vegetarian 
       (or give up red meat!)
If becoming a full-fledged veggie seems too difficult, why not try a part-time vegetarian diet? When it comes down to it, livestock produce about 22% of global methane emissions from human-related activities. That's 80 million metric tons of methane annually, created by cattle. Graham Hill gives a great TED talk arguing why weekday vegetarianism just makes sense. Just some food for thought!

Happy New Year and good luck with your green resolutions!

Posted by: Sophie Cowley '17

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