Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Water Bottle Refill Stations in Athletics Funded by the Presidential Green Grant

By Marissa Peck

The refill station that was installed over
winter breakhas already saved over
100,000 8oz plastic water bottles.
Through a Presidential Green Grant I have funded the installation of three water refill stations to be added to the athletic facilities. One has been added to the basement of Messa Rink outside of the Travis J. Clark '00 Strength Training Facility and the Varsity Athletic Training Room. Another refill station has been added to the recently renovated field house, and a third will be added to the main workout space of the Breazzano Fitness Center.

The bottle refill stations are easy add-ons to existing water fountains. They make it easier to completely fill a reusable water bottle which is important for a few reasons. Firstly, the stations help to encourage healthy hydration habits. These stations are around campus in academic buildings and student centers. It is important that the athletic facilities also have these refill stations as athletes and those who exercise need to drink water. Secondly, reusable water bottles significantly reduce landfill waste and contamination and fossil fuel use in the production and transportation of the bottles. Thirdly, reusable water bottles are healthier for people because the plastic of single use water bottles leaches toxins into the water that are harmful to humans. These refill stations are meant to make it easier for people to refill their water bottles to encourage people to use them. The stations also show a digital counter of how many 8oz plastic water bottles have been saved by using the refill station.

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