Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's up with Recyclemania?

Quick Facts
What: a recycling competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus. 
          Where: Colleges and universities in the US and Canada 
                     When: Feb 2 - March 29 (8 weeks)
                                Why: The overall goals of Recyclemania are...

  1.                       to motivate students and staff to increase recycling efforts and reduce waste generation.
  2. to generate attention and support for campus recycling programs.
  3. to encourage colleges to measure and benchmark recycling activity in their effort to imporve their programs over time.
  4. to have a fair and friendly competition

Union's Results SO FAR... to see updates click here.
         The categories:
              Grand Champion - 44 of 114 
The Grand Champion results are the recycling rate as a percentage of its overall waste generation. 

Weight of RecyclablesX 100 = XX%
      Weight of Recyclables + Weight of Trash
              Per Capita Classic - 29 of 349
This category looks at total amount of paper, cardboard, bottles, and cans collected on a per person basis. 
Weight of Recyclables= XX.XX lbs.
Campus Population
              Gorilla - 92 of 360
The school that recycles the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard, bottles and cans regardless of campus population.
                Waste Minimization - 58 of 159
Schools compete to see which produces the least amount of both recyclables and trash on a per person basis. Schools are recognized for the lowest overall per person quantity.  In addition, participating schools pledge to undertake at least three specific waste reduction practices. 

Weight of Recyclables + Weight of Trash
Campus Population
          Targeted Materials: results are calculated on a per capita basis. 
              Paper - 57 of 204
              Corrugated Cardboard - 13 of 210
              Bottles & Cans - 55 of 200
              Food Service Organics - 1 of 184 !!!!

Look out for U-Sustain events in the upcoming weeks to help reduce our waste, especially in the dining halls.

Tabling for the event is happening in Reamer on Mondays and at Ozone Cafe on Fridays. Ask questions! Pick up Recyclmania goodies! Meet the team! Get involved!

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